FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long have you been in existence?

We have been supplying property management software for over 30 years.

I’m concerned that your programs might be too complex for my particular needs.

As the system is modular you will only need to use those parts of the programs that are required to meet your particular business needs. Having assessed your own particular situation we will be able to arrange the appropriate training programme to meet your individual needs. Once we have shown you how, we are sure you will find that our programs are easy to operate.

How can I be sure your programs are right for me?

The best way for you to determine the answer to this question is to see the programs in action for yourself by arranging for a demonstration.

What computer hardware do I need?

Almost any computer/network running Microsoft Windows will be compatible. Our demonstrator will be pleased to advise you further about this having regard to your existing computer hardware. The software is supplied complete with its own secure database.

What about training, are your programs easy to use?

Our core philosophy is that property management is already more than complicated enough without us making things even harder. Based on many years of hands on experience working with our users, our program designers have been able to refine the programs in order to ensure things are kept as simple as possible and that you can easily access the information you need.

How long will it take to get my portfolio up and running?

That very much depends on the size and complexity of your portfolio, however, the programs do contain many time saving features to assist you in setting up your system in the shortest possible time.

How quickly can you install the programs?

This very much depends on the time of year and prevailing circumstances, however, we are usually able to arrange installation within 4-5 weeks. Your demonstrator will be able to give your more detailed information about this.

How much do your programs cost?

Our demonstrator will be able to give you accurate pricing details once we have had the opportunity to assess which program modules you will require in order to meet your particular business needs.

How can I arrange for a demonstration?

Please complete the contact form or telephone our Paddington sales office.